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Dr. Cynthia Kelley

Versailles, Ky. — Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) President Jay K. Box announced today the appointment of Dr. Cynthia Kelley as president of Madisonville Community College (MCC).


Versailles, Ky. — The Kentucky Community and Technical College System's (KCTCS) five colleges from the Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) will take part in the SOAR 2016 Innovation Summit, which will showcase solutions for issues facing the region. The five colleges are Ashland Community and Technical College, Big Sandy Community and Technical College, Hazard Community and Technical College, Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College and Somerset Community College.

Jennifer Miracle

Versailles, Ky. — Jennifer Miracle, Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) contract manager, recently won the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Educational Procurement. The award recognizes those who provide extraordinary service to their institutions, the higher education community, the association or the purchasing profession.


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0:00 : This marks the 15th year for the KCTCS all-academic team awards that celebrate the incredible accomplishments of 32 of our students.

0:13 : Every year we honor two students from each of our 16 college these students are elected through a rigorous process based on scholarship, community service, activities, and honors.

0:23 : It is now with great pleasure that we introduce 2016 KCTCS all-academic team.

0:32 : Ashland Community and Technical College: Catherine barber Associate in Science degree, Sri Lewis associate in applied science degree business.

0:44 : Big Sandy Community and Technical College: Joshua Todd Mullins associate in arts degree, Olivia Noelle Sloan Associate in Science degree.

0:56 : Bluegrass Community and Technical College: Mojisola A. Lawson biology, Esther Rugerio welding technology.

1:09 : Elizabethtown Community and Technical College: Gideon J Counts welding technology, Bradley K Larimer Associate in Science degree.

1:17 : Gateway Community and Technical College: Julie M Groupie human resources, Naseema Mohedin instructional design and learning.

1:30 : HazardCommunity and Technical College: Peter W. Fanous construction equipment technology, Sherrianne N. Robinson Associate in Arts degree.

1:41 : Henderson Community College: Andrew Bengert biology pre med, Ashley Nicole Skaggs nursing.

1:49 : Hopkinsville Community College: Ricky Cupp Associate in Science degree, Laura Rogers associate in applied science degree in nursing.

2:02 : Jefferson Community and Technical College: Brandon W Beaven communications art technology, Mark A Hartless Engineering Technology.

2:15 : Madisonville Community College: Ashton N. Donahoo medical laboratory technology, Alexandria N. Potts Associate in Arts degree.

2:27 : Maysville Community and Technical College: Isaiah R Jolly associate in applied science degree, Carly J. Smith Associate in Science degree.

2:36 : Owensboro Community and Technical College: Hanady O. Adam Associate in Science degree, Lacy Parham social and behavioral science criminal justice.

2:49 : Somerset Community College: Timothy Grills Associate in Arts degree, Hannah McAlpin associate in applied science degree physical therapist assistant.

3:02 : Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College: William Baker computer and information technologies, Claire M. Calamaio Associate in Science degree.

3:15 : Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College: Morgan Baker associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, Chandler Jones respiratory care.

3:32 : West Kentucky Community and Technical College: Jacob Hugenroth Computer Information Technology Network Administrator, Corey Nance Associate in Science degree engineering.

3:39 : Every year we also honor the new century scholar.

3:48 : This recognition is awarded to the highest-scoring student in each state in the all USA Today academic team competition.

3:53 : This individual receives a $2,000 stipend funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, additionally this student represents his or her state at the American Association of Community College's annual convention which was held in Chicago Illinois this year.

4:15 : The new century scholar is also awarded the Martha C Johnson scholarship which is a special scholarship that was established in honor of the founding chair of the KCTCS board regents Martha Johnson.

4:31 : This year's new century scholar is Georgianna Roberts from West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

4:43 : Georgiana is from Mayfield Kentucky and is majoring in psychology, she made a promise to her father to earn a degree and pursue a career fueled by her passion to help others.

4:53 : Georgiana began her college education in 2006 after graduating from Graves County High School but she took time off to care for her father who lost his battle with cancer in May 2014.

5:04 : She then returned to west Kentucky to fulfill her promise as a non-traditional student Georgiana said she was intimidated at first but quickly realized west Kentucky is more than a college campus, it is a community that has helped her flourish.

5:22 : According to Dr. Kevin Garicke, West Kentucky economics professor and Phi Theta Kappa advisor, "Georgiana is a person with a strong understanding of where in education can lead having known her for almost two years. I have watched her develop her leadership skills and passion for education having overcome many personal challenges along the way.

5:50 : Georgiana is an outstanding example at how one can use perseverance compassion for others and a love for learning to move forward along one's own bumpy path in life."

6:01 : Congratulations Georgiana on being the 2016 new century scholar.

6:09 : Congratulations to all members of the KCTCS all-academic team and Kentucky's new century scholar.

6:14 : I know that many of the students we are honoring have had to overcome adversity many are master juggalers who have had to balance the demands of a family work and school, and must have had to make financial sacrifices.

6:28 : Each of these individuals has a great story to tell, a story that is a commitment to education and learning, a story and making the difficult possible, a story of leadership and success, and a story about a dream.

6:45 : congratulations to all the award winners on your accomplishments and best wishes for a successful career.